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Southern New Englands source for Montana Gold products; Yarrow's Cans has a 230 foot legal wall and 40x9' container for artist to sample product and work with out the stress of being on the street. This blog will show updates for any news and or pictures of current work on these walls, we are always working on finding new ways to promote the positive sides of street art and how Graffiti can be a positive for cities like Providence RI.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Old Graffiti: from PRIMER car show

This work below are pics from PRIMER a large European car show I hosted at my old shop, the night before the main event I opened up my main showroom to any and all street artist to paint on the walls for all to see the next morning. Here are some pics to enjoy, I have lost all my pics but have found a few in the past week or so to share.

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