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Southern New Englands source for Montana Gold products; Yarrow's Cans has a 230 foot legal wall and 40x9' container for artist to sample product and work with out the stress of being on the street. This blog will show updates for any news and or pictures of current work on these walls, we are always working on finding new ways to promote the positive sides of street art and how Graffiti can be a positive for cities like Providence RI.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

AP crew: mural at Yarrowsport 2004

Some history for all you old timers: AP Crew did this mural at my old shop which was off Elmwood st in Providence RI. At this time Yarrow's Cans did not exist and I was very new to the scene.

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  1. Thats crazy, i just was thinking about way back when we did this. That was ages ago.