About Yarrow's Cans

Southern New Englands source for Montana Gold products; Yarrow's Cans has a 230 foot legal wall and 40x9' container for artist to sample product and work with out the stress of being on the street. This blog will show updates for any news and or pictures of current work on these walls, we are always working on finding new ways to promote the positive sides of street art and how Graffiti can be a positive for cities like Providence RI.

Friday, May 1, 2009

New pieces!

Great thing about this blog is, lets say you forget your camera when you paint, more then likely I will be able to catch flicks of what you paint. Not only will you see it shine on this blog but you can click on the images, go to the flickr account, and download a variety of pic sizes so you can have a good flick of your ish...amazingly convenient, especially for the cats that don't even have a camera!v Also, if you don't have photoshop, I will make a connector flick of the whole wall you cats do. A connector flick always puts a wall in good perspective...
Lead (character by Sloe)
Gyer (character by Sloe)
Etips, Lead, Gyer
SoemSludge (Peresh)
this last piece, I think is a really innovative one...first guacamole piece I have ever seen...nice job Peresh!!


  1. that lead is really bad compared to the other crap he paint.